Changing Accountants - 10 Professional Guarantees

We aim to deliver an efficient service to our clients in the most productive way as possible and we can guarantee you the following:

  1. Our Guarantee - We guarantee if you are unhappy with our services we are willing to discuss what we can do to improve our service to you.
  2. Fixed Fees - We offer you a no obligation meeting where we will agree a fixed fee with you in writing.
  3. Efficient Accounts Production - We write to all our clients once their year end date has passed requesting their information. Once same has been provided to us we can turnaround your accounts in timely manner thus ensure same are submitted in advance of any deadlines.
  4. Filing Deadlines - We contact our clients in advance of their filing deadlines and once everything has been provided to us we can ensure a timely submission.
  5. Regular Meetings - We are willing to have regular meetings with you in order to ensure that your business is running smoothly.
  6. Regular Updates - We keep you updated on our workings on a regular basis.
  7. Written Guarantees - We will give our guarantees to you in writing.
  8. Confidentiality Agreement - We treat all our client queries & business in strict confidence.
  9. Tax Planning Service - We offer our client a tax planning service whereby we look at your books & records to see if all tax savings are being taken advantage of.
  10. Qualified Personnel - We guarantee that all work, advice and meetings are carried out by a qualified team member to ensure the best quality and professionalism for our clients.

For more information on moving to a new firm of accountants, please call Colin Mulhall on 023 8843400 or email Colin Mulhall to arrange a no obligation meeting.

Colin Mulhall on Linkedin
Colin Mulhall on Linkedin

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Lloyd Bowmaker Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditor's on FaceBook