Changing Accountants - Notes for Moving to a New Accountancy Firm

Moving accountants is an important business choice and you need to find a firm who you can trust, who can help your business expand and a firm who are upfront with you and who are willing to discuss fees before you join. The appropriate accountancy firm can help your business run smoothly and one you can approach with any queries you may have regarding your business. A Firm that is unsuitable for your business needs can end up costing you in the long run and this could be the cause of running your business to the ground.

Please take a look at the following notes which may help you decide:

  1. Fixed Fees - Will the Accountancy Firm agree a fixed fee with you in writing upfront? Discuss what you can do yourself to reduce your fees? Will they give you a monthly standing order payment option?
  2. Deadlines - Can this Accountancy Firm ensure that your all your filing due dates are met?
  3. What Guarantee they can provide you - A guarantee is very important. Check to see if the accountancy firm can offer you a guarantee.
  4. Efficient Response - Once you contact an accountancy firm see how efficiently they deal with you. This will be a good indication as to how they will deal with you in the future.
  5. Website - Check to see if they have a website and how comprehensive this is. You will be able to check what services they can provide you.
  6. Contacts - Check if the Accountancy Firm has a good contacts/clients list and if they are willing to bring some of their contacts to you.
  7. Necessary Qualifications - Does your Accountancy Firm have staff that have the necessary qualifications required. Is your accountant qualified and a registered auditor? If not, this could end up costing you your business. Please ensure you have details of the appropriate body to make complaints to if you feel you are dealing with someone who does not have the correct qualification. The Chartered Accountants Regulatory Board will ensure that standards are met with an accountancy firm.
  8. Is this firm willing to visit you - Is this firm willing to travel to your place of business to see if there is any area's which can be improved upon?
  9. Understanding - Does this firm understand your business needs?
  10. Positive Changes - Can this Accountancy Firm provide you with advice such as cost saving measures, how to increase your sales and reduce your outgoings in order to help your business become more cost effective.
  11. Information Technology - Will this Accountancy Firm use email and online services with a view to making their service more efficient?
  12. Tax Planning Service - Does this Accountancy Firm offer you a tax planning service where they can review your business from a tax perspective and look at ways of reducing your tax liabilities. needs.
  13. Point of Contact - Does this accountancy firm offer you a certain point of contact i.e. a member of staff who will look after your file and who you can contact at any time as they will be familiar with your file.
  14. Professional Indemnity Insurance - Does this Accountancy Firm have adequate PII Cover in the event of any problems?
  15. Is this Firm willing to listen to your views - Is this accountancy firm willing to listen and take on board your views regarding your business?

For more information on moving to a new firm of accountants, please call Colin Mulhall on 023 8843400 or email Colin Mulhall to arrange a no obligation meeting.

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