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A lot of colleges that specialise in nautical and engineering studies do not include Marine tax in any form.

A lot of cadets head to sea without knowing the tax rules or the residency rules or indeed the domicile or split year treatment rules.

Furthermore, some cadets do absolutely nothing (bury the head).

Did you know that when you are training and serving as a cadet you do not have to pay income tax as you may be on a bursary from the company that employs you? NB be aware of this rule.

As sure as night follows day when they apply for a mortgage or if they apply for a medical Card or their salary in excess of €10k is lodged to the bank by the employer or indeed they apply for the old age pension then of course revenue get involved.

Our advice is to take advice and to follow the correct steps which will keep you on the right side of revenue and more importantly keeping well away from revenue in the correct legal format.

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