Our Services - Personal Taxation Service

Lloyd Bowmaker Group also offer advice in relation to personal taxation issues as follows:

Capital Gains Tax

  • Preparation & Submission of Capital Gains Tax Returns in relation to the sale of shares/property or business.
  • Provision of computation to Solicitors in relation to estates/probate.
  • Option of changing from sole trader to a limited company giving you the advantage a no capital gains transfer and benefit from the corporation tax rate of 12.5%.

Capital Acquisitions Tax

  • Preparation & Submission of Capital Acquisitions Returns
  • Reviewing Capital Acquisitions Exemptions & Reliefs available
  • Arrangement of Trust Funds
  • Advice on making a will & future planning

Residency Rules

  • Preparation & Submission of Tax Returns for non-residents
  • For Merchant Navy client - Review of Split Year Residency Rules, Seafarers Allowance & National Insurance
  • Use of our international accountancy contacts

Income Tax

  • Preparation & Submission of Annual Income Tax Returns to ensure a timely return
  • Reviewing personal tax credits to ensure that these have been allocated correctly
  • Review of business to see if changing to a limited liability company is viable in order to avail of the benefits of the corporation tax rate of 12.5%
  • Tax Planning to reduce future tax liabilities
  • Completion of P45's & P60's