Our Services - Profitability Services

At Lloyd Bowmaker Group & Lloyd Bowmaker Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors offer the following to make your business more profitable.

These are:

  • Increase Profits - We can look at ways to increase your profit margins.
  • Grant Applications - We can help you in the completion of any grant applications.
  • Business Plan - We can draw up a business plan for your business.
  • Cost Cutting Measures - We can review your business and identify cost cuttings measures which can be implemented.
  • Marketing Stragety - We will help you create a marketing stragety to grow your business.
  • Forward Planning - We will provide you with ideas to help you business grow into the future.
  • Meeting with Partners's - We will arrange for one of our partner's to meet with you on a regular basis.
  • Regular Reviews - We will make regular reviews of your business so same remains healthy for the future.
  • Management Changes - We will advise you how you can make management improvements.

  • Systems Overhaul - We will review your systems to help produce more profitability.
  • Credit Check Facility - We can review the financial situation of main suppliers, if required.
  • Preparation of Agreements - We also provide you with sample agreements for employees, contractors and partnerships.