Our Services - Taxation for Companies

Lloyd Bowmaker Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors provides our corporate clients with the following taxation services:

Limited Companies

  • Tax Registration Service
  • Full Tax Planning Service
  • Completion & Filing of Annual Corporation Tax Return
  • Filing of monthly PAYE/PRSI & Vat Returns
  • Filing of Directors Personal Tax Returns

Corporation Taxation Service

  • Complete Tax Planning Service to ensure that full tax advantages are being allowed
  • Completion of annual Corporation Tax Return
  • Submission of annual Corporation Tax Return to ensure a timely submission and avoid any surcharges
  • Reviewing the Directors taxes to ensure credits are being allocated correctlys

Directors Taxation Service

  • Review of Directors Tax Credits
  • Tax Incentive Schemes
  • Personal Retirement Savings Accounts to be used as a tax vehicle to purchase property

Company Liquidation

  • Full company liquidation service
  • Voluntary Strike Off
  • Vat Implication on Company disposals


  • PAYE/PRSI & VAT registration.
  • Production of Spreadsheets which can be used so you can keep your own records
  • Completion of PAYE/PRSI & Vat Return on a timely basis
  • Set up of Direct Debit payment scheme with Revenue
  • Group VAT registration.

International Taxation

  • Provision of our international accountancy contacts who can provide assistance with registration & filing returns abroad